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  220volt appliances

220 volt appliances are commonly used in every home and office. Why they are called 220 Volt appliances because they do not need any extra booster or voltage regulator to operate as Indian or european standard power supply rate is 220 volt. But still in case the power supply exceeds 220 volt then there is possibility that the appliance will burn, that’s why some kind of voltage stabilizers are attached to the appliances. You might have noticed at your home that there is small stabilizer or overload protection switch with your refrigerator or with your air conditioner. Let’s discuss the 220 volt appliances in various categories:-

220 volt kitchen Appliances - Common 220 volt kitchen appliances are mixer grinders, juicers, iron, toaster, oven, coffee makers, popcorn maker etc.

220 volt office Appliances - Paper shredders, Fax machines, electric staplers, LCD Projectors, scanners etc.

220 volt Home Appliances - Vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, air circulator and battery charger etc.

Nowadays different brands are available in market which deals in 220 volt appliances. Competition is high. So every brand works hard to design appliances with best quality to ensure longer durability and 100% customers’ satisfaction. But still to minimise costs and increase income, some cheap brands insert cheap low quality machinery inside these appliances which is just not acceptable. Some cheap appliances can even create short circuit at home. So we should be aware of fake brands. It’s better to spend few more bucks to get the best quality appliance for your home. For your ease, we have maintained a full catalogue of 220 volt appliances on our site and we make sure that we sell only appliances which are of best quality and reliable brand.