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Premier 1.5 Ltr
Manufacturer: Premier
Retail Price: $ 249.99
Our Price: $ 199.99
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About Premier 1.5 Ltr

Short Description:

  • 110 volts, 60Hz For Us and Canada
  • Capacity with 1.5 Litre, wet grinder, idli- dosa grinder

 Premier Wonder Grinder 1.5 ltrs Features:
Premier grinder is a product of 1.5 ltrs Premier- makers of Premier pressure cooker. This "Wonder" Grinder is almost the size of a mixie and yet has a capacity of 1.5 ltrs. It has been designed to have a smaller footprint to suit modern and smaller kitchens. Premier Wonder Grinder 1.5 ltrs can easily be kept inside a kitchen cupboard and taken out when needed. The Premier Wonder Grinder "Wonder" Grinder is built to World Class standards and comes with a powerful 1440 rpm motor which does its job faster and consumes nearly 25% power . The Premier Wonder Grinder1.5 ltrs comes with Atta kneader attachments with the wet grinder. DOES NOT COMES WITH Coconut scraper

About Our Premier Wonder Grinder 1.5 ltrs
·         Motor: New technology - Powerful 95w Single Phase 1440 rpm motor
·         Capacity: 1.5 Litres
·         Warranty: 1 year on whole machine
·         Accessories:  atta kneader
·         Gross Weight: 11 Kgs. (approx)
·         Gross Shipping: FREE ground shipping in the continental USA
·         Service and Spares: Authorized service center
·         Premier 1.5 Ltrs Grinder is Fast And Efficient
·         Premier Grinder Saves A Lot Of Time
·         Consistent Grinding Throughout
·         Premier wonder grinder is Sleek & Convenient
·         Premier wonder grinder Saves A Lot Of Space
·         Premier 1.5 liters wonder grinder Easy To Use And Clean
·         Premier wonder grinder Simple To Operate
·         Premier grinder Elegant & Aesthetic Design
·         Premier wonder grinders Matches The Lifestyle
·         Premier wonder grinders Economically Priced
Premier Wonder Grinders Specification:
Capacity 1.5 Lts
Motor: 95 W, 1440 Rpm Motor
Material Of Basic Unit: Stainless Steel
Material Of Drum; Stainless Steel
Stones: High Quality Stones For Grinding Bottom & Rollers
Flexible Wire Chord: Pvc Approx 2 Mts Long
Premier Wonder Grinder Accessories: atta kneader
Instruction manual: included.
Gross Weight: 11 Kgs. (approx)
Shipping: FREE ground shipping in the continental USA
Premier Wonder Grinder Service and Spares: Authorized service center
Premier Wonder Grinder Contents:
Basic Unit With Motor 1 No
Premier Grinders Steel Drum
Premier Grinders Stone Roller Set
Top Lock With Spring
Drum Lid
Spatula And Instruction Booklet With Warranty Card
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on motor & parts

Wet grinder, a grinder used with water. Wet grinders have a wide application in industry, workshops, and commercial and domestic kitchens throughout Africa and Asia. Kitchen wet grinders are very popular tools in the South Indian kitchen used to make paste out of soaked grains and lentils. At one time, a wet grinder consisted of a large rock with a hole in it,  where a cylinder style rock with a metal handle fit in. The grain and lentil mixture was poured in with water and the cylinder rotated by the handle on the top to grind the food together. The ground paste is used for various food items like idli, dosa, sevai and vada. The evolution of grinders have a dramatic change in the working. The earlier form of wet grinder called "Attan Kallu" used mechanical energy in which the user has to rotate the top stone called "Kullavi" to grind the medium.The invention of electricity has led to the development of electric-powered wet grinders. By this invention, the powered wet grinders have both the top and the base stone rotating. These electric models were first introduced in restaurants and later moved into the home.Most modern models still have stone components for the grinding action. The stone is usually granite stone. The old manual grinding stones used to be refinished for better results. Modern stones usually don't need refinishing and they last much longer. However, despite these advances in bringing modern engineering into Indian kitchens, there are limitations.