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The most important appliance for any south indain kitchen is the wet grinder which helps us to grind ride, udal dal for dosa, idli and vada. You can prepare lots of dishes without any stress with the help of grinder. Grinders come with additional attachments. Extra coconut scraper and atta knedder for chapati. You can now easily make nice puffy idli, crispy dosa and crispy vada with the Combined attachemnt of the whole kit of grinder. Now cooking is fun filled that you do not need to worry about anything when lots of uninformed guests have come at your place at lunch time. It is old time grandma technique with morden electonics touch.

The common form of grinders is the table top grinder which performs the dual function of coconut grater and atta kneder for chapati. Just cut coconut in to half and hold over coconut scraper and it will scaper out from inside coconut for nice chatney. Just take 2:1 cup ratio of flour and water for making chati atta. Just put flower and water in steel pot and in 7 minute atta will be ready. It is very light weight and easily used appliance. It comes in different configurations. By using few of these appliances you can make your kitchen life least tiring and much interesting. The kitchen tasks which used to take whole day now are done within 20 minutes with the help of grinders. The other important grinder is wet grinder.

Wet grinder is used to make paste which acts as a base spread of many delicious dishes. The best thing about these appliances is that they are so useful and so commonly used but yet they are affordable to buy. You can find Butterfly wet grinder in every common kitchen. At you can find variety of grinders at affordable prices.