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  Indian Pressure Cooker

Cooking is the best hobby of every Indian house wife. But in families where the wife is also working and has to go out the problem arises of cooking food as cooking needs enough time. The wisest solution to save time is to make use of Indian pressure cooker which can cook dishes in just few minutes. Nowadays pressure cooker is an integral part of every kitchen. There are many benefits of using Indian pressure cooker which are discussed below:-

  • Low energy needed- Food is cooked in pressure cooker in super faster way and you do not need to stand along the burner to analyse whether the dished is cooked in desired way or to stir the dish. You just need to put water and vegetable along with proper quantity of dried spices and close the lid. The cooker makes whistles to release the steam inside the utensil. You just need to keep track the number of times the whistle blows. Soft things are cooked in a single whistle and hard things take 5-6 whistles. Lots of energy is saved.
  • Saves time- Food is cooked in much faster way. Within 10-15 minutes you can prepare many dishes in Indian pressure cooker.
  • Good for health- the oil consumption is less in pressure cooker as compared to grilling, deep frying or shallow frying. Less oil means better health.

In terms of taste, safety, nutrition no other cooking method can beat the today’s reliable Indian pressure cooker.

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